New Barre for Beginners starts Friday 9th June

A 6 week Beginners course with Sam on Fridays at 12.30pm to introduce you to the wonderful benefits of our Barre classes. We’ve been teaching Barre classes in Cheltenham for 5 years (one of the first Studios outside of London to offer these classes). Our Barre classes are hugely popular, fun and challenging.
6 weeks from Friday 9th June at 12.30pm, cost £72.
A comprehensive full body workout that defines and tones the body & burns calories. Flatten your abdominals, sculpt and define arms, shoulders and back, reduce cellulite, and lift and shape your bottom and legs. Intense bursts of energy alternate with deep stretching for body shaping, fat burning fun.   Safe, controlled, intense and no-impact.
Limited spaces, please call to book your place.